Take that middleway, will you?

Here, an interesting older article from Salon.com – Master of Disgust

It’s got the usual twists of your typical Lovecraft article, when it’s written by a more less neutral observer, that is: introductory allusions to the pulpish, overblown nature of his prose are segued into the timid, hesitant, & almost embarassed admission that, indeed, there may be something to his works to account for a lasting fascination. Of course, you can’t really account for that fascination once you’ve discounted his works as childish playthings, hence your explanations must remain vague – hints at race and gender will do no damage, so bring them.

But then: who the hell cares for the phallic nature of Cthulhu’s tentacles? Lovecraft’s Gothic seems a little too complex to be reduced to an encoding of various sexual and racial fears, I would say.
And, another issue the article is raising, to me at least: there are more than the two camps the writer is making mention of, haters and devoted disciples. In between there are these few harmless (academic) critics who consider Lovecraft a solidly influential Gothic writer with substance under his literary belt that is of interest to the profession as whole – without devoting their entire working lives to his cause.



  1. apropos of nothing, seen this?

  2. Yeah, I’m aware of Cthulhus rencontre with Kitty, quite funny, I think, thanks…

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