Stop eating that outline, please


[While I’m writing this, I’m listening to a podcast featuring the inimitable Sunand T. Joshi giving a talk to students at SUNY Cortland, and he sure is very, very comfortable with his topic – Daniel Harms (who is working at SUNY Cortland, of course), over at Papers falling from an Attic Window, links to it and describes how to manipulate iTunes to get to the audio content. ][Oh, right now he’s noting to the students that finally people in academe are waking up to Lovecraft – he’s been making that “argument” or promise since the 1970s, maybe it’ll finally come true: the excitement! He’s very right in stressing that it’s a considerable achievement to have moved Lovecraft into the Library of America – I have that here, it’s a beautiful book – and into the Penguin portfolio, but then…you might suspect this might have something to do with Lovecraft being a very popular and widely printed author anyway, even before these two venues accepted him.][And now he’s being quizzed by students…I should have been there…to find him some challenge to respond to…ah, yeah, and now it’s high time for the 70page-letter anecdote.]

I confess: I’ve been sloppy. I mentioned – firmly – that I wanted to explore a little further the use of race in Lovecraft’s work. Almost enthusiastically – it is, after all, one of the big challenges to meet for any Lovecraft scholar, and I always feel the tiniest bit elated whenever I find the resolution to get down to it, as it is so important – I folded my hands into the surface creases of one of these nasty little stories that are less than a pleasure to deal with, folded them and then – released them to pursue another little banter. Alas. The issue is still standing and waiting like bestellt, aber nicht abgeholt, ordered, but not picked up – yet. I’m getting back to that now. I will launch myself on a thorough exploration of race in Lovecraft’s work, also to test out some aspects, some arguments and nuclei for such, that I will take into deeper detail in my dissertation.

That outline is more a meditation on an outline, a sketch, a trial, ah, whatever, it’s only somewhat binding.

– Race in Lovecraft scholarship

– Race and Decay

– Race and Apocalypse

– Race and the Reader

That’s not an outline, really, but nevermind.


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