Inebriate, with beer (and joy)

I’m not on any sort of tight schedule, but I still feel pressed to say a word on why I’ve come to lapse on that nice post rhythm I had earlier this month.

There’s a triumvirate of reasons.

The most pertinently academic of these is the fact that over here, finally, the semester has started, and I had some prep work to do for my seminar on the Apocalyptic in American literature & culture. The first class session has gone by, and it proved easier than I had thought to read the Revelation of St. John in class…well, parts of it, an apocalyptic best-of-edition that I had sampled to introduce some of the substantial motives and features – for example, John’s struggle for the “right” take on the text (there’s that nice passage at the very end of it where he threatens death to anyone who might interpret the text) and the constant numerological devices that he uses to cork some structure on the text.

Less pertinently, but still quite academic is that upcoming conference on Lovecraft’s weird realism, for which I’ll fly to London next week, and naturally there’s some reading work to do before that. The agenda item that goes under the title of “Lovecraft’s racism and ‘reactionary modernism” is of special interest here, but so are the other items on the program for the day.

Not at all pertinent (and I won’t make it a habit to clutter this strictly academic blog with things non-academic), but looming very large on my personal agenda for the week, was Tuesday evening, when my beloved football team, 1. FC Nürnberg, crowned its no less than triumphant campaign through the German cup with a whopping and utterly mortifiying 4:0-victory over archrivals SG Eintracht Frankfurt – a fantastic evening around the pitch and no doubt the greatest game I’ve seen in my fan career. It entailed inebriation by the buckets, a healthy overdose of joy, and the certainty that, indeed, we’ll go to Berlin to play the cup final – a climax to top of the climax that the current season is for the team.

Joy! And victory! Nevertheless, this weekend I’ll get back to the schedule for my approach to the Lovecraft and Race-expedition this weekend – this schedule here:

(- Race in Lovecraft scholarship)

– Race and Decay

– Race and Apocalypse

– Race and the Reader

My overview over Lovecraft scholarship finished for now, Race and Decay, the second point, is waiting for my attention. Forward then, into the darkness.


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  1. […] the inquiry on the third subchapter of the longdrawn multi-month inquiry Lovecraft and Race. The original list of agenda points read thus – (- Race in Lovecraft […]

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