April is the cruellest month? No, June is!

Browsing through the pages of Amazon to find ISBN numbers for the reading materials I’ll use in my winter class, what do I see if not that little preciousness here, titled Imaginäres Museum [Imaginary Museum, that is]? – an anthology on artworks and their representation. Unfortunately it doesn’t say just what Lovecraft story is included, and given the number of times he discusses not only the presentation of art, but also the decay of the art experience, I can think of several candidates – and would risk the grandest bet on The Horror in the Museum.

As part of that ominous second chapter of my dissertation, I’ve reflected quite a lot in recent months on art experiences in Lovecraft. That ominous chapter has turned out to be a rather…valid? durable? endurable?…general paraphrase of Lovecraft’s apocalypse, and the role of the artist and of art is of special interest here. By now, I’m pretty short from finishing it, a 20.000 word birth-of-pain, all it takes will be some of Spengler’s and Adams’ thoughts to get a little more precise hold on Lovecraft’s model of history. Of course, Spengler wrote The Decline of the West, and I’ll go lightly on that…for one thing, because Nietzsche, Spengler’s overwhelming philosophical role model, is already invited into my work on an honor’s seat…and anyway: compared to Nietzsche, Spengler is a boring pain-in-the-neck. Borrowing Spengler’s name, Joshi published, in more recent years, his personal Decline of the West, where the reference to Spengler is more namecalling: Joshi doesn’t really investigate Lovecraft’s model of history, and certainly not sub specie revelationis. On a sidenote, the Joshi book is a folio-sized, tenuous something that looks like a schoolproject, not one of Wildside Press’ finest.


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