Into the Whale

While I have the second part of my inquiry into the apocalyptic frontier – the program says Lovecraft! Lovecraft! Lovecraft!; and it thinks, Lovecraft! Lovecraft! Lovecraft!, but it slides another name in, of course, and blurs the I am Providence-man into the background, there to load all the depth of information on him that is accumulating in the foreground – while I have this half-thought-and-written-out lying here, I thought I’d have a look and see where theis place’s public agenda seems headed –

I dream, dizzily, that people use search terms like

– weird

– weird ways to raze your neighbors’ noise level

– weird ways to dominate the world with any one of your eight tentacles, single-tentacledly

– How do I raise Lovecraft?

– Necronomicon-beach-set

to find this blog.

And I err. Recurrent terms are rather ones like –

sperm bath [that is Moby Dick, and its sperm whales, lobbing this place into the pornographic]

hogzilla [I blogged only once about a giant sow, I am very sure of it.]

dick chopped off [some pornographic mobster with issues seems to post invisible – to me – posts in this place]

Political Maps of Indonesia [Excuse me? The last I read/reviewed on South East Asia was Marlon Brando’s (not really) Fan-Tan, a novel that hardly qualifies me for political expertise on the region.]

And, the one I like best –

1789 guillotine cartoon

Historical, political, colorful, this is more like a program.


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