Please, not the Kids


As an update to Cthulhu’s Chariot – that was first posted by sigsegv (some rights reserved)  – via The Limbonaut.

The insinuation of it is malicious, in a malicious kind of way.

Cthulhu is supposed to be the eater of the world and of humankind, of course,  so his name, grouped in that way, is rudely ambiguous. Or could it possibly be that anyone is unaware of what Cthulhu is? Not seriously.


Oh yeah, another apocalypse scheme from Germany

[first posted by Chili bob, some rights reserved]

Yeah, that’s exactly what Volkswagen automobiles are known as over here in Germany – chariots of the Gods, even multi-tentacled ones like Cthulhu. Just so as not to create confusion – Miskatonic University is in Massachussetts, and enrollment is extremely competitive.

Sixth – Month – Apocalyptizing

This blog here is quickly drawing toward its six month anniversary. My mission objective has survived. The objective was to offer a place for the academic/scholarly scrutiny of Lovecraft’s works, and the scrutiny would be included.

I also realize, – I’ve been a sloth. What would I see this evening, at last and I don’t know how many months too late, combing through the sphere’s output on Lovecraft, & creations, if not Chris Perridas’ long-lasting blog chronicling the (pop) cultural afterlife of the man? A scholar’s dream…