That child is hardly a Bastard

Drawing mention to JJ Abrams‘ upcoming film project, trailerishly excerpted above,  damien at asks –

Anyway, here at Blather we’re curious to see what hardcore Lovecraft fans make of all this. Interesting and timely new slant on the Ancient Ones story? Or a cynical bastardisation of Lovecraft’s great opus?

Well, I’m not a fan, let alone hardcore, but a scholar – still, after seeing that trailer, I can’t help noticing that

a) the timbre fits. That’s what great and mighty Cthulhu sounds like: your tectonic movement in the night.

b) the other, whatever it is, surfaces in a tentacular mood (see all this spouting and the shape it takes at around 1:10 min.).

c) I look forward to January 18, 2008.

…and, more:

d) the movie may be cynical, but when it’s presenting us with the destruction of the planet, it cannot possibly be a bastardisation: that is what Lovecraft is all about, in the first place, of course.